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IdeaPrestige is a combination of a prestigious address in the centre of Wrocław and a professional service for your office. Simultaneous cost-cutting and company?s efficiency increase are the advantages of the virtual office.

Virtual Office Wroclaw – Ideaprestige


You receive a prestigious office address in the centre of Wrocław, our broad experience in the field of cooperation with the specialists from many domains and a networking space.

Registered office address rental

You do not have to rent any office space to enjoy the prestigious location of your company. The perfect address gives you many advantages and influences your company?s image. You can use it for registration purposes in departments as well as for marketing and image purposes.

Assistance in the establishment of your company

We cooperate with lawyers, notaries and consultants from many fields which allows us to assist you in the establishment of you company. We will take care of the formalities very effectively and we will be at your service until the process of company registration is finished.

Business process outsourcing

We cooperate with lawyers, notaries, tax advisers, patent agents, sworn translators, marketing and SEO companies. Our business contacts give you the networking possibilities which will allow you to continuously develop your experience and knowledge. You can find a wide range of services as well as an efficient support for your company in just one place.

Assistant services

Scheduling meetings, mail service or taking care of important things in departments takes many hours. Assistant services give you a complex office administration, freedom and time for you company.

Low costs of office administration

Cutting the costs of office administration allows you to focus on your business development and fulfil the duties of a true entrepreneur. You will increase the efficiency of your company without worrying about administration matters, documents and mail.

Business and training rooms booking

We offer you three rooms for business meetings and trainings. The rooms are air conditioned and are equipped with LCD screens.  The interiors? high standard and our professional service will guarantee your success while hosting important meetings.

Accounting services

We offer a professional assistance in accounting services. We adjust to the financial needs and capabilities of our clients and we always recommend experienced partners with expert knowledge.

Support in foreign languages

International communication in business has become an every-day reality.  We offer you a professional service in English and German.

Coworking space

We also offer desks in the coworking space as well as individual offices. This means you can book a commercial premise without any long-term contracts.

About us

IdeaPrestige was established in 2011 as an answer to the needs of small and medium companies which find cost-cutting of office administration together with business development crucial.

We appreciate professionalism and we take care of confidentiality. We care about the client?s positive image and having an office in a prestigious location makes it easier. Plac Solny is located in the very centre of the city – just by the city market.

We cooperate with experts from different domains which makes us a networking space favourable for business contacts acquisition and efficient business development.

We lay huge emphasis on the top quality of our services which include:

  • virtual office with mail services,
  • business rooms booking,
  • training rooms booking,
wirtualny adres we wrocławiu

Virtual office Wrocław

The virtual service office is an ideal solution for small and medium companies which are interested in lowering the office’s administrative costs.

It is a complex service which includes professional assistant services as well as secretarial and office services.

What do you get by choosing IdeaPrestige?


A prestigious office address

Plac Solny 15 is situated in the very centre of Wrocław. You can use it for company registration as well as a forwarding address or for image purposes.

Assistant services

As we value your time, we offer you assistant services, which include: mail handling, scheduling meetings or taking care of urgent administrative matters.

Mail services

We pick and forward your mail. We take care of its backup and scanning. You will get a notification about incoming post in a timely manner.

Dedicated landline number

You can forward it to a phone number of your choice.

Concierge for business and business process outsourcing are the complements of the services we provide you with at our virtual office.


Concierge for business

is a service which allows you to take care of your company in an efficient manner, book tickets or fulfil an important order. Just state what you need and we will take care of it.

Business process outsourcing

is a perfect backup for the development of your company. Our experience and broad business relations with the representatives from many fields will allow you to get in touch with verified specialists.

Accounting services

We offer professional assistance in accounting services. We adjust to the financial needs and capabilities of our clients and we always recommend experienced partners with expert knowledge.


Choose a package that suits you the best. Do you have any questions? Contact us.

By paying for half a year in advance you will get 1 month free!

By paying for a year in advance you will get 3 months free!

Our rooms

We offer you three rooms for business meetings and trainings. The rooms are air conditioned, equipped with LCD screens and have Internet access which allows you to easily host your trainings or presentations.
Business room A professionally equipped business room allows you to host meetings for up to 6 participants. A hospitable room in the centre of Wrocław is a great place for a customer meeting, mediation process or an interview.
The training room is an ideal solution if you want to organise courses, trainings or conferences. One table can seat 12-15 people in comfortable conditions and even up to 20 people in the theatre style. A friendly atmosphere and professional service will surely fit your expectations.

Contact us

Mail or phone us.

Pl. Solny 15
50-062 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 34 09 220
fax. +48 71 34 09 201

What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office allows you to rent an address for a company for registration and correspondence collection. Its task is to act as a stationary office which, thanks to a dedicated reception desk, performs this service for many clients. The cost for a single company is therefore very low, gaining in return its own administration in this area. Its basic offer is usually enriched by a number of other services and tools that allow you to easily manage the enterprise. Assistance in administrative matters, handling documents and telephones, temporary rental of rooms and office space, and even advanced consulting services – these and other amenities most often accompany subscription to virtual offices in Wrocław. The Wroclaw virtual office is most often chosen by people who do not want to have their office permanently, but only a place where they will be able to settle their business matters.

A virtual address is associated with obtaining, if necessary, a conveniently located, tidy, professional meeting place with potential clients and contractors, paid at the same time only in the event of active use. A virtual address in Wrocław is often even several thousand zlotys cheaper than its stationary counterpart, it does not require continuous operation, control or regular visits – it is not an obligation. Also creating and closing a virtual office takes only a few hours. Having a Virtual Office in Wrocław, we can work comfortably at home or another place, benefiting from having a paid professional employee taking care of our documents and regulating specifically delegated obligations for us.

A virtual office in Wrocław is a great idea for companies that do not need a stationary office, but only a company’s registered office address that will allow them to register their business. A virtual office in Wrocław is also perfect for those entrepreneurs who work remotely, travel often or simply do not need to permanently rent the entire office. In financial terms, the virtual office is also very attractive. It is much cheaper than a stationary office, and in addition, entrepreneurs can choose packages that will allow them to adapt the rental of a virtual office to their needs. A virtual office in Wrocław is also a prestigious address. Why? Our virtual offices are located in the very center of Wrocław, at Plac Solny.

It is also worth considering the rank of specific virtual addresses. Wirtualne Biuro Wrocław IdeaPlace offers its services in the most prestigious part of the city. Most of the headquarters of leading Wrocław companies, institutions, and culturally significant places, framed by a dense network of well-known restaurants and public transport stops, are located on Plac Solny and in the city’s directly related Market Square. This makes everyday work easier and significantly reduces the time needed to travel around the city and to the office. A virtual address can therefore be considered a professional and modern showcase of the company.

At its headquarters, IdeaPlace scrupulously fulfills all the duties delegated by the tenant, such as company registration and incoming mail service, and provides its office space and conference rooms. It also offers the possibility of easily and conveniently concluding or changing an active contract for renting an office or gaining access to a workspace, enriching offers for address owners with additional discounts.

The scope of support from the IdeaPlace Office is very wide and depends on the needs of the entrepreneur. We have organizational assistance here, such as the correct marking of the company’s headquarters, safe maintenance and organization of documentation, receiving and sending correspondence and faxes with notification, or setting up a landline with redirection to an individual mobile number. IdeaPlace also offers consultations on administrative, legal, accounting and other matters, e.g. translations. This assistance also includes professional service of the office staff during visits and meetings, assistance advice on event planning, possible meeting other professionals in the industry, and the overall maintenance of a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Why is it worth choosing to have a virtual office in IdeaPlace? Over the last decade, IdeaPlace has established cooperation with many companies, from sole proprietorship to large corporations. A virtual address can become an additional value, a showcase for the client’s brand and reduce unnecessary costs of permanent office rental. It can become an island for an entrepreneur on a constant journey. It can optimize the cost and scope of delegating responsibilities and help maintain the division of the private and professional spheres. All these reasons are good reasons for establishing a cooperation with IdeaPlace.

As problem-solvers, employees of the Virtual Office are always ready to solve potential problems, find compromises and quickly adapt to sudden changes. The IdeaPlace team appreciates long-term cooperation based on flexible terms and a short-term agreement. Employees are sure that they can create an offer meeting the expectations of each client.