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How to apply for a virtual office service?

To take advantage of our virtual office offer, simply register via the contact form or write an email on . If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at +48 71 34 09 200 or visit us at Plac Solny 15.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Using our virtual office service requires signing a contract. The signature may be submitted by any person authorized to enter into civil law relations on behalf of your company.

What's included in the standard contract?

A standard contract includes basic information such as the length of the contract or the scope of services included in the selected package. In addition, it regulates the amount of correspondence and scanned documents. The good of the client is the most important for us, therefore we want to get to know everyone better before creating a contract. At the meeting, we define your needs and expectations, on the basis of which we create a tailored offer.

How long does the process of registering a company at your address take?

The company is registered at our address upon signing the contract between us and the person authorized to enter into civil law relations on behalf of the company. From that moment, our client has the right to use our address (Plac Solny 15, 50-062 Wrocław).

What kind of support can I expect from you?

We offer our clients comprehensive support. What does it mean? From the very first day, we help in completing the company registration process at our address, provide specialist support, facilitate contact with a lawyer, offer accounting assistance and provide assistance in case of any problems.

Are there any additional costs associated with registering a company at your address?

All costs related to the registration of a company at our address are included in the price list. If you are interested in granting us a power of attorney to collect registered letters, we will add an additional one-time fee of Poczta Polska in the amount of PLN 52 brutto.

Can I change my package during the period?

Yes of course! We build our relationships with customers through dialogue, and therefore throughout the duration of the contract it is possible to introduce changes and constantly adapt services to the expectations of the entrepreneur.

How can I regain access to the service after I lose it?

If you lose access to the virtual office service, please send us an e-mail declaration expressing your willingness to re-register at our address and re-sign the contract with us.

How can I cancel your service?

The resignation from our services should be reported in person at our office or sent to us by e-mail with a statement containing the signature of the person authorized to conclude civil law relations on behalf of your company. From the moment of breaking the contract, a one-month notice period applies.

How many correspondence do you handle?

We have no restrictions on the amount of correspondence received for the client. In the case of larger parcels, please collect them quickly.

Can I use the meeting rooms at your place?

You can always book rooms for a day or a specific number of hours according to the rates shown for each room. Descriptions of rooms and price lists can be found here.

Are there hidden costs?

A detailed price list for our services is available on the website We offer special prices to regular customers.

Where is the reception located?

The reception is located on the 2nd floor at Plac Solny 15.

Do you have an office for one person?

For one person, we recommend a desk in a coworking space, as this option allows you to easily establish business contacts and share experiences with other clients using this service.

Do you cooperate with accounting offices?

Yes, we work with accounting offices, but it is not included in the price list of our packages.

I am in the process of setting up a company, but I want to have your address. What should I do?

To use our address, it is enough to arrange an interview, during which the client will introduce us to his business and outline his expectations towards us. This will help to prepare an appropriate offer and an agreement that will be possible to sign on the day of registering the business with the office.


Do I have to sign a contract to use coworking space?

No. All you need is free registration, which will allow you to use the calendar with the option of booking seats. Our registration form collects your basic contact details as well as your company or personal registration details that will be needed for billing and basic communications.

What is the subscription?

You can use the coworking space as a part of one of the four packages. Each of them includes additional services. With a subscription, you get the right to book places and access to all our office equipment, wi-fi, kitchen (with coffee!) and the ability to print a certain number of prints. 

Do you have a room for me to leave my belongings?

If you have a subscription for more than 15 days a month, you can use a lockable cabinet. You can leave your things that you need for work there.

Can I visit you for one day without buying a subscription?

Yes of course! For everyone who comes to Plac Solny 15, we will find the perfect place to work at one of our comfortable desks. However, it’s best to call us in advance and check if we still have a free desk that day. The cost of a single visit is 50 pln netto.

Can I pay for an on-site visit?

Of course. You can pay for your subscription or a one-time visit to the site in cash or by card. If you need an invoice, you will also get it from us.

Can I use coworking without creating an account on your website?

In order to use the coworking space, you must register. Registration itself does not oblige you to purchase any services. It is one-time and valid indefinitely.

Can I always count on a coworking space with a subscription?

When the subscription is sold, we guarantee you a workplace in a coworking space. However, if you do not book a specific seat through our booking system, according to the regulations, we are exempt from providing you with the selected seat. Thanks to this, we can find an equally comfortable workplace for you in another space of our office.

Do I lose my subscription day if I don't show up at work?

If you know that, despite previous plans, you cannot appear on a given day, you can cancel your reservation by 10:00 the same day. That day will be returned to your subscription and you can use it for another day. Cancellations must be made by e-mail or by phone. The cancellation of the reservation will be confirmed by Idea Place in the return e-mail.

Can I give my purchased days to a friend?

The purchased subscription is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties. However, if you have an unusual situation, please contact us by phone.

Is there a wi-fi?

Of course. The Internet is the basic work tool so we provide constant access to all our clients.

Can I use the meeting rooms at your place?

You can always book rooms for a day or for a specific number of hours according to the rates shown for each room. Descriptions of rooms and price lists can be found here.

Can I come with my dog?

No. We are committed to ensuring the comfort of work for all coworkers. Due to them, we cannot allow you to bring your dog or other animal.

Where is the reception located?

The reception is located on the 2nd floor at Plac Solny 15.

Can I rent computer equipment from you?

We do not have complete computer stations, so you need to take all the tools you need with you. We only try to provide you with the most popular projector adapters.

Are you open 24/7?

No, our coworking space is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. For some training rooms, it is possible to rent on the weekend, but with prior notification of such a need.

Can someone visit me while I'm in the coworking space?

No, we do not have the option of hosting guests in the coworking area. For this purpose, use the common area or meeting rooms.

Do you have a place where I can eat and heat food in peace?

Yes. You can eat in any common area. Microwave and refrigerators are available on the first floor.

Can I make phone calls in a coworking space?

Yes of course. We encourage you to use the common space or one of the rooms for making phone calls or videoconferences. Many people work in a coworking room, which is why longer conversations may be bothersome for them.

Can I order something to your address and pick it up when I'm at work?

You can use our address. However, please inform our reception in advance that we can expect a package addressed to your name.

Room Rental

Can I rent a room for the weekend?

Yes, we also rent our rooms on weekends. However, such reservations are possible with prior agreement with the client. For this purpose, please contact us by phone: 71 34 09 200 or by e-mail:

What is your largest room?

Our largest Training Room is 36 m2 and is able to accommodate up to 30 people in a theater style.

Do you have a projector?

Yes. If the customer requests a projector when ordering the room. Please report such a need in advance.

Is it possible to order catering?

As an additional service, we can order catering or coffee service. Additionally, we can make a dinner reservation in a friendly restaurant located near Plac Solny.


Is it possible to rent rooms cyclically?

Yes. For this purpose, please contact our Reception by phone: 71 34 09 200 or by e-mail:

Do you have a cloakroom for event participants?

There are hangers in front of each room, on which you can hang your belongings.

Will I only work with one Virtual Assistant?

At the beginning of the cooperation, you will be assigned an assistant who will act as your guide. You will discuss the tasks with her and she will be responsible for their implementation. If you have any questions – please address them directly to her.

How will I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?

We set the method of communication individually, adjusting to your preferences. We offer contact by phone, email, video or using a dedicated project management program.

Can I see the cooperation agreement?

Familiarization with the contract is possible for those interested after the first conversation devoted to discussing your needs and adjusting our scope of support.

Do I always have to choose the same package of hours?

We focus on full flexibility, so you can change the size and frequency of purchasing the package each time.

What if the package is over and there are tasks to be done? Is the fee charged automatically?

Your assistant supervises the condition of your package being in constant contact with you. In a situation when the package is running out and there are still tasks to be performed, it informs you about it and asks you to choose the next package (at the same time it tells you which one will be the best for you).

Is delegating work profitable? Merely explaining the assignment would take time which I could spend on completing it.

Delegating tasks is an investment with a long-term rate of return. Often our clients outsource tasks that they could successfully perform themselves, but are aware that delegating tasks is profitable for them in the long run. We especially are most often talking about delegating tasks in a situation when you do not like to perform a task. Then entrusting it to another person, results in new ideas or greater activity in the areas they like. You can move forward, carrying out tasks that are more important from the point of view of the company’s development, and you are not stuck in “trifles” that weigh you down. Of course, it takes time to explain something, but it is a one-time operation. We encourage you to write down procedures that will help in delegating tasks for the future and will be an investment for years.

On what days and hours can I count on you?

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.