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We offer you three rooms for business meetings and trainings. The rooms are air conditioned, equipped with LCD screens and have Internet access which allows you to easily host your trainings or presentations.

Business room A professionally equipped business room allows you to host meetings for up to 6 participants. A hospitable room in the centre of Wrocław is a great place for a customer meeting, mediation process or an interview.

The training room is an ideal solution if you want to organise courses, trainings or conferences. One table can seat 12-15 people in comfortable conditions and even up to 20 people in the theatre style. A friendly atmosphere and professional service will surely fit your expectations.

Our offer includes three rooms meant for business meetings and trainings.
You can easily perform a training or presentation in the air conditioned rooms equipped with LCD screens or projector and Internet access.

Our first room is meant for business meetings for up to 6 participants. It is an ideal space for a client meeting, interview or mediation.

The training room is the next item on our offer. It is perfectly adjusted to workshops, trainings, courses or conferences. In the comfort version it can seat 12-15 people by one table and up to 20 people in the theatre style. A cosy interior and a professional service will fit all your expectations.

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