Serviced office in Wrocław

Serviced office in Wrocław

Are you looking for an ideal office for a small team? Do you want to gather everyone in one place without incurring high office maintenance costs? Our serviced office offer is the answer to your needs!


Your space

Dedicated work space with access to shared kitchen and sanitary facilities.


Our professional secretariat is there to help and you have access to our office equipment.

Fast Internet

High-speed internet access on all floors of our office.

24/7 availability

You have access to your room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You come when you want.


You have the option of a flexible form of rental with a monthly notice period.

24/7 security

Access to the building is protected by a professional security company.


You have desks and comfortable armchairs for all your employees.

Cleaning service

We provide cleaning services for all micro offices twice a week.

Air conditioning

Our rooms are available all week, including weekends.

A serviced office – more than a workplace

Microoffice (serviced office) is a space for small teams, which you can rent on flexible terms. If your company is changing dynamically or you need a temporary solution – contact us!



Arrange your space so there is no doubt who is in it!


Monthly notice

Leave the option open. With one month’s notice, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do as your team grows.


Office service

We take care of matters related to the maintenance of the office and your work comfort. You can focus only on dealing with the work and development of the company.


Dedicated attendant

Each client is cared for by a dedicated person whose goal is to provide you with the comfort of work.


Cost saving

With us, you will save on many costs related to kitchen facilities, maintaining the office standard, cleaning or other worries of everyday office work.

Why is it worth using our services?

Great location

We are located in the very center, at Solny Square 15, recognizable by everyone.

Contact network

We have built a wide network of contacts with entrepreneurs and experts in many fields.

Years of experience

IdeaPlace has over 10 years of experience in supporting entrepreneurship in Wrocław.

Brand reputation

We are known and liked. Thanks to our position in the city, it will be easier for you too!

Individual approach

Each of our clients is a separate story, so we approach each one differently.

Professional service

Our team is trained to make it easier for you to use our services. See for yourself!

Are you wondering if this is a good solution for you?


For start-ups

Are you starting up and looking for a solution that will allow you to work in one place and save on costs?


For young companies

Are you just starting your business, planning to expand and do not want to decide on long rental periods?


For branches

Your company’s headquarters is in a different city, but you are looking for a place for your Wrocław specialists?

Our micro office is the perfect solution in these, but also in many other cases. If you need flexibility and confidence that you will be able to focus only on the development of your company and employees – try us!

What is a micro office?

Small and medium-sized teams that are looking for a ready-made office space in an attractive location, and at the same time appreciate low rental costs and do not want to waste time on additional bills, buying coffee or cleaning products, should consider a micro office.

A ready business center

The micro office or serviced office consists in renting individual office spaces, which can be described as “full service”. They are fully furnished and, thanks to a flexible approach, specially adapted to the needs of each client, additionally satisfied by a wide package of services included in a ready-made solution for renting a professional micro office

Among them there are:

  • A 24h access to the equipped space;
  • Extensive administrative support, including handling the correspondence and meetings,
  • Prestigious address for company registration,
  • Fast internet with IT support,
  • Access to a professional office equipment,
  • Rental of conference rooms,
  • Communication in English,
  • Access to an equipped kitchen with aromatic coffee and tea,
  • Regular cleaning and care for the full efficiency of the surface equipment.

But how does it look like in practice? Micro office companies transform the space they manage into a professional office spaces for teams of all sizes. As a result, the client gains a great flexibility in the possibility of changing the leased space, which is a great advantage when the size of his team changes during the cooperation. Furthermore, depending on the emergence of such a need, the client gains the access to the entire office infrastructure in the form of conference and training rooms or a flexible space in the coworking zone and extensive assistant support.

First, flexibility

This is the image of the micro office that can be found at IdeaPlace.

At a representative address in the heart of the Wrocław, customers will be welcomed by the professional service, which can boast not only high flexibility and personalization of offers, but also rich experience and a wide range of business contacts, thanks to which the customer is not only waiting for a professional rental offer of micro office in the short term or for an indefinite period, but also support in its implementation.

IdeaPlace offers clients office spaces at a prestigious address, of various sizes, adapted to the needs of each team during the period of cooperation. In addition to the basic package of services applicable to the rental of a micro office, the client also gains freedom during working hours thanks to 24/7 access to the building, access to an open coworking space and any additional services at any time, and most importantly, a flexible approach of a company for which the concept of “impossible” does not exist and will find the perfect solution for every challenge.

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