Virtual Assistant

Decide on effective outsourcing tailored to modern solutions. Take advantage of the support of a virtual assistant who will support you in office, administrative and design work. Join entrepreneurs who successfully delegate and enjoy development and convenience.

What are the benefits?

By delegating tasks, you will become more productive.
See what you can gain?

More time for yourself

You will free yourself from unwanted tasks, thanks to which you will be able to realistically focus on the development of yourself and the company or return to your favorite hobby?

Professional support

A virtual assistant is your business partner who will provide the necessary competences within the framework of extensive “know-how” and will responsibly lead the ordered topics. We will provide you with real support and a sense of respite.

Finance optimizations

You pay only for the hours that are actually worked, without having to maintain a permanent job space and any benefits.


We work according to your pace and the given priority, knowing that flexibility is the basis for successful cooperation. You decide when and how much you need our support.

Who is the virtual assistant service for?


Do you run your business and it is not profitable to hire a full-time assistant?


Do you have more tasks than time?


Are you striving to optimize activities and costs?


Do you want to free yourself from activities that you don't like doing?


Do you want to focus on what you earn the most?


Do you need the support of a competent person?

Trust our team and delegate tasks.
Be dedicated to what you specialize in.
We’ll do the rest.

Be productive, not busy.

Scope of support

Regardless of whether you run a large, medium or small business, family enterprise, or your own start-up, we offer you professional business outsourcing. We will provide the necessary knowledge and tools that will allow you to achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Assistant activities:

  • organization of a calendar meetings
  • preparing offers, notes, presentations and summaries
  • correction and rewriting of notes
  • specialist search
  • cooperation with business partners and specialists
  • preparation of reports and analyzes

Administrative activities:

  • virtual secretary’s office (email management, document and correspondence management, placing orders)
  • handling sales and expenditure invoices
  • order fulfillment
  • editing and formatting documents
  • document conversion
  • drafts of contracts

Research activities:

  • research of domestic and foreign websites
  • prospecting and analysis of potential customers
  • competition monitoring
  • searching for products or services
  • finding contact information
  • finding facts and figures
  • research on a given topic

Project activities:

  • recruitment of 1st degree employees (editing the content of advertisements, publication of advertisements, initial verification of candidates)
  • coordination of activities related to running a business
  • translations in English and German
  • organisation of events

Representative activities:

support especially for foreign entities, company representation on the basis of a power of attorney or a proxy.

Are you looking for a different kind of support?

Start delegating and celebrate your successes.



Expiry date: 1 month from purchase
No obligation agreement – you decide when and what package you want to implement

Each package is a guarantee of:

  • An effective form of contact according to your preferences: telephone, e-mail, video call, instant messaging or a stationary meeting
  • Individual mode of execution of tasks
  • Current work time report with the degree of task completion
  • Integration with your team and management systems
  • Cooperation based on trust, honesty and professionalism

How to start cooperation?

Starting work with a virtual assistant, building trust and the ability to delegate tasks are common concerns of all new clients, so as the IdeaPlace team, we accompany you in the process of implementing a new business management solution and focus on its effective use. By inviting us to cooperate, you invite us to join your team.

1. Tell us about yourself

Let’s arrange a non-committal interview to get to know your business and needs.

2. Let's establish a flexible plan of action

We will specify the scope of support for you, thanks to which you will accurately choose the most favorable starting package.

3. Let's take care of the cooperation framework

Comfort is the transparency of the rules, which is why we conclude a contract for the provision of services with a confidentiality clause and provisions regarding data processing.

4. Delegate and enjoy your freedom

Order your first tasks and take advantage of outsourcing while developing your business!

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